Brad was born on March 22, 1952. He is married to wife, Natasha. He has two children, Jeremy and Mishay.

Brad has competed for over 40 years in the sport! He has won 141 first place finishes and 39 best lifter trophies! He was the first North Dakota powerlifter to receive elite status via 550 410 575 1535 at 165 back in the 1970s. Brad’s best lifts in the 181 class were 610 435 635. Brad won many awards in this region. He has won 11 national titles throughout his storied career! He has set several state, American, and World records in both the AAU and NASA.

Brad also participated in Olympic weightlifting for many years. He won a national contest in weightlifting. His best Olympic lifts were a 260 press, a 235 snatch, and a 314 clean & jerk at 181.

Brad’s advice to younger lifters is to “work as hard as you can toward your goals and never give up. Keep trying until you make your goals.”