Julie started lifting in 1980 at 18 years old whilst going to school at NDSU for biology and athletic training. After completing the physical therapy at Mayo Clinic in 1987, she moved back to Fargo to work at Dakota Hospital. She started lifting at Gold’s Gym where she met several lifters that were doing competitive lifting. Her first competition was a 1989 bench contest in Winona, MN. This is where she met a group of lifters who pushed her into competing at the national level.

From 1990 through 1994, Julie competed at two APF nationals, two ADFPA nationals, and two World Championships! She is the 1994 ADFPA National Champion and a two time World Champion, having won both the 1991 WPC Worlds in Las Vegas and the 1994 World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation Championships (WDFPF) in Minneapolis, MN. In 1994, she squatted 485 for the ADFPA American record! Later that year, she broke the World record with a 479 pound squat! Julie also competed in several local meets in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. It was a great run.

In 1995, Julie left Fargo to do traveling physical therapy that took her across the country. This made consistent training difficult. Unfortunately, a racquetball injury and subsequent knee surgery ended her competitive powerlifting career.

Currently, Julie is employed as a physical therapist at Jamestown Regional Medical Center in Jamestown, ND. She still gets to the gym on a fairly regular basis and is hoping to do some competitive benching in the future now that she has hit the master’s division.

Julie’s Powerlifting Statistics:
1990 APF Nationals SHW 3rd 407 281 363 1052
1991 APF Nationals SHW — Bomb
1991 ADFPA Nationals SHW 2nd 462 259 407 1129
1991 WPC Worlds SHW 1st 479 292 391 1162
1993 Prairie Rose Games SHW 1st 425 300 375 1100
1994 ADFPA Nationals SHW 1st 485 (AR) 1179
1994 WDFPF Worlds SHW 1st 451 275* 396 1124
4th 479 (WR)
*No bench shirts were allowed @ Worlds.

Julie’s best lifts:
485 squat
303 bench press
425 deadlift
1179 total